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License Agreement


Before start using the Fixbyte software, read carefully this EULA just like reading any legal document. This EULA (End-User Licensed Agreement) is a binding contract between you (“Licensee”, “your”, or “you”) and Driver Software which gives these terms & conditions in which the tool name above is licensed but not sold. The Licensed Software Fixbyte PC Repair and Driver Update was created in cooperation with Smart PC Solutions, Inc. and Avanquest Software SAS. This Licensed Software involves PC software and also includes “online” documentation, printed materials, electronic documentation, internet-based services, and printed materials.

BY COPYING, INSTALLING, OR USING THIS LICENSED SOFTWARE AGREEMENT, YOU DO HEREBY AGREE THAT YOU WILL BE BOUND TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THIS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.IF YOU DON’T AGREE, YOU MAY NOT USE OR INSTALL THIS LICENSED SOFTWARE. In the event of your disagreement, you can return back the software within a period of 30calendar days after putting it to your payment account for full refund (not including the shipment, tax, and handling expenses), provided that you’ve never used, accessed, or installed this Licensed Software. Terms & conditions stated in the Privacy Policy page of this website which govern to and apply our usage of personal information and registration data that you gave to us when you first use our Fixbyte software can all be found from our website. Please have time to read and understand them carefully.

If you’re a citizen, located in, or residing in the US when you purchase this Licensed Software, you have to know that this End-User License Agreement provides for your Disputes (as explained below) and for the Class Action Waivers (which is also stated below as “Class Action Waivers” provision) with Fixbyte to referred as binding Arbitration (as stated in the “Dispute Resolution”) which will affect your right under this End-User License Agreement. You may choose to stay out of the class action waivers and binding arbitration as stated below.

License Terms

This Licensed Software contains all contents of CD-ROM, files, DVDs, disk (s), and any other media in which this End-User License Agreement is provided:

  1. Written files or materials related to this Licensed Agreement
  2. Modified versions, additions, upgrades, copies, and updates of this Licensed Agreement (collectively, updates)
  3. Third-party software or computer information that Driver Update software was licensed for the inclusion of this Licensed Agreement


Unless the Licensee has bought a License Agreement from our site, the Licensee may have to install or use a single copy of this License Software for each user license related to this Licensed Software. In order to determine the number of user licenses included in the License Software, the Licensee needs to consult the packaging of this Licensed Software in case the software was purchased through order receipt of the Licensee or electronic downloads. If you want to have extra user licenses for this Licensed Software, it can be obtained from the user’s portal on our main website for a specific amount designated from that particular site. Licensee is personally liable for all the expenses incurred during the installation this License Software.

This License Software needs activation as what it was explained during the installation process and on the Documentation. The activation will prompt you to register your own account and submit the serial numbers on the site. (Take note that whenever you plan to install and use the trial version of this Licensed Software, you have to have a set of serial numbers to activate your account. However, we set limits on how much time you are allowed to use the software and the scope of Functionality for this Licensed Software. If the activation is needed but the process was incomplete after some time on the Documentation or explained in the installation process, then this Licensed Software will stop to function until such time that you have finally completed the activation. After the process was finished, the functionality of the software will also be restored. If the Licensee has issue with the activation of the software, the Licensee should immediately contact us through our support page from the main website.

Internet Access

Licensed Software needs Internet connection in order to make it available and functional and also to gain access with all its features. Read the specific provision stated below which limits our liability and disclaim warranties based on the availability and interruptions of the Internet service.


You fully understand that utilizing this content, you agree and consent us to get and use some of your personal information and your usage of the software based on the Privacy Policy of our website. You further agree and consent that Fixbyte tool will gather, use, maintain, process, and transmit information based on your personal account, the computer and devices registered herein, for the purpose of giving this License Software and all its features to the Licensee.

All the information collected during the use of this software, may also diagnostic or technical information which is related to the use, may also be used to enhance, support and improve the services and products of this Licensed Software. You agree and understand that all these information will be given to the US and any other country for processing, use, and storage by the software itself, its affiliates and all other service providers. Always remember that any personal information for those who lives in any member state of the EEA is controlled by the Licensed Software since it was mentioned by the EU’s regulation for data protection.


The Licensee may reproduce only up to a single copy of this Licensed Software for archival or backup purposes only, but the Documentation should not be included in the duplication.


The Licensee is not allowed to rent, lend, lease, transfer, sublicense, assign, or otherwise sell Licensed Software as well as the License provided by this End-User License Agreement without any consent from the Licensed Software itself prior to the transfer.


License given by this End-User License Agreement is not exclusive. The Licensee should not use this Licensed Software if not allowed by this Agreement. PROHIBITED USES:

  1. The Licensee should not make any kind of derivative works coming from any part or all parts of this Licensed Software
  2. The Licensee should not alter, translate, adapt, or modify any part of this Licensed Software
  3. The Licensee should not disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer, or try to find out the exact source code used by this Licensed Software
  4. The Licensee should not use this Licensed Software in any kind of operations involving life-support machines, ship, communication systems, nuclear facilities, aircrafts, and other equipment where in any software malfunction could eventually lead to environmental damages, personal injury, or death.
  5. The Licensee should not use any of the previous versions of this software right after receiving the upgraded version as replacement to the previous software version (in this case, you have to destroy the other software version).
  6. The Licensee should not obscure or remove the trademark or copyright notices, and trademark or copyright notices from the third party which was included in the Licensed Software.
  7. The Licensee should not use this software for intentions of hosting another third party, as a part of the service provider, service bureau, timesharing, or facility management.
  8. The Licensee should not use this Licensed Software in any way not permitted by this End-User License Agreement.