In addition to enhancing the quality of your output, your IT company’s tools and solutions should also make your daily tasks a little easier. There are a number of shortcuts and tricks you can employ when working with Microsoft Access to speed up your workflow and improve the quality of your output.

Avail Your App on the Internet!

It’s a great feature of Access that you can easily share databases with others via the web. To make this easier, Microsoft’s Office 365 suite includes SharePoint Online. What if it was even better? Anyone with a web browser can access the app you’ve shared with them. To publish your database to Access Services, go to the Backstage View in Access and choose “Publish to Access Services.” Enter the complete URL of your online SharePoint server in the Server URL field. Access will sync the app and display the URL once you enter the SharePoint site information.

Remove the Ribbon

Access’ “Ribbon” can be a pain for some users. Fortunately, concealing it is a simple process that doesn’t necessitate many steps. Simple as that, and Access remembers your preference for future sessions. Minimizing the ribbon is as easy as double-clicking on one of its tabs.

Each Need is Addressed by a Separate Tab

In Access, the Home, Create, and Design tabs hold most of the power. You can create new tables, queries, forms, and so on using the Create tab. Newly created objects can be edited, a SELECT query can be converted into a UPDATE query, and controls can be added to your form. The Home tab lets you apply formatting after you’ve set the controls. Run-time options like form filtering and datasheet sorting are all there.

Create PDFs from reports

When it comes to converting documents or reports to PDFs, there’s no need to hire a third-party service. A few simple mouse clicks can now save a file in the PDF format from within Access.  Navigate to File>Save and Publish>Save as PDF or XPS>Save As. That’s all there is to it!

Change the Look and Feel of Your Quick-Reference Toolbar

Unless you add tasks to the Quick Access Toolbar, it can be a bit confusing to navigate through all of your options (and there are many). There are a slew of options that you can add to the toolbar so that everything can be done with just one click rather than three or four.