Fixbyte Password Security feature

If you have a Fixbyte PC repair subscription, you’ll also receive a password manager called Fixbyte-Passwords. It may be utilized via a smartphone app and a desktop plugin which makes it conveniently handy anywhere you can be.

A few of its numerous features is the Secure Wallet, which comes in helpful if you frequently make purchases online. This solution maintains your credit card information discreetly, making your online buying a pleasure.

Additionally, Fixbyte-Passwords includes a Password Generator to assist you in creating an almost unbreakable login.

Fixbyte-Passwords: A Quick Guide for New Users

  1. Start Fixbyte PC Repair
  2. Select the Toolbox
  3. Fixbyte will lead you to an Install site using your usual browser and will present you with the alternative of choosing either Safe-Passwords Browser extension or Fixbyte-Passwords Firefox extension.
  4. Once the setup is completed, you will notice a red shield symbol situated at the upper right side of your browser window.
  5. Click on it to begin the registration process.

How to establish a Fixbyte-Passwords service

Decide on a username for your account.

  1. Fill in the following Password. This will be the only password that you have to memorize for the long – term. Potentially adding one numerical, one capital letter, one special symbol, and a minimum of eight characters will make it more secure.
  2. Keep in mind: The password which you will be generating above will operate as your Primary Password. It’s the only way to access the security of your account’s data. If you forget it, Fixbyte will not even be able to recover it for you.
  3. Once you’ve completed inputting your data, click Create Account.

Finally, Your Fixbyte-Passwords account has been created.

Use Fixbyte-Password to securely save all of your passwords!

  1. Launch the Fixbyte-Passwords program.
  2. Then when you’ve logged in, you’ll see two tabs: one for passwords and the other for your digital wallet.
  3. Pick a good tab suitable to your preferences.

The Password Tab offers you with 4 sub-tabs to use.

  • You may use Add New to keep track of the passwords you often use on different websites.
  • With Fixbyte-Add Password’s Popular feature, you may have an automatically saved list of popular websites’ passwords.
  • You may use Share/Import to move your passwords to other password managers that you may have in your arsenal.
  • The generator feature is for Fixbyte-Password to create a passcode recommendation for your account names.

The Wallet Tab on either side can be used to save your credit card information.

If you’re utilizing the lite option of Fixbyte-Passwords, you’re only permitted to save up to 20 passwords and 2 credit cards.

Nevertheless, If you opt to buy Fixbyte PC Repair, you may use the same login information to upgrade your Fixbyte-Passwords account to Premium for free. With Fixbyte-Passwords Premium, you’ll have the option to save an endless amount of usernames, passwords, and payment cards. Password management has never been easier, safer, or more stress-free than with this tool!