A clean uninstall can only be done with the use of a reliable program like Fixbyte PC Repair as most of these software won’t be fully removed because their uninstallers only work partially. Even if you use the included uninstaller, you’ll still have redundant files on your PC, which takes up a lot of space.

How To Use Fixbyte Uninstaller:

  1. Run Fixbyte PC Repair.
  2. Go to the Clean Up Tab.
  3. Select Uninstall.

Upon going on the menu, you will get a list of all installed programs on your computer.

Then click the software. After that, the program’s details will be shown. The name, installation date, and file size are included.

It will be much easier to uninstall a software after you have had its information fully reviewed. Click the Uninstall button, and then you will be asked whether you’re sure about your decision. Simply select Yes or No to proceed. On completion of uninstallation, click OK. A scan will then reveal the program’s leftover trash files. Then you may delete them as well. Fixbyte Uninstall can’t uninstall browser extensions and Windows Store programs as well. Activate the Uninstall Menu’s Browser Add-Ons tab.