Through subliminal advertising, you may be lured to install the latest plugin or web browser or some other software. Unfortunately, this can clog up your PC especially if it has an intrusive startup routine when your computer wakes up or boots-up. At first, this may not seem like a big deal, however over time as more apps are added, it can choke your computer.

Fixbyte PC Repair manages the Startup Menu for you. It can locate unused apps, giving your computer more breathing room.

Using Fixbyte PC Repair’s Startup Manager is simple. There are two ways to do this.

  • Open Main Cleaning Scan. Locate the Boost Startup category, then select the details.
  • Choose Clean Up Tab, then select Manage Startup.

How to Use Startup Manager

Once in the Startup Manager window, look at the top. The total number of apps in your Startup Menu will be shown. The greater the number, the longer it takes to start.

Aside from the figures, it will also describe each program in depth. Name, company, status, and Startup Manager’s suggestions on next steps.

The Advice Column is very useful in determining if a software is required, optional, or not required at all. Users may easily activate, deactivate or delete items with this functionality.

Remember: If Fixbyte PC Repair tells you to disable or uninstall an application that you use every day, disregard it.

Startup Manager gives you three alternatives for each program in your Startup Menu.

Enable – makes the software run automatically.

Disable – retains the software in your Startup Menu but disables its ability to start automatically. Delete removes the software from the Startup Menu.

Scheduled Tasks

This list will display the tasks planned by your PC’s applications. These jobs run at various times and may be modified to suit your needs.

Services This allows you to stop or eliminate external Windows services from your computer. Reducing the number of apps in your Starting Menu is the most effective technique to improve your computer’s startup time.